rehearsing evolution. in a bar. as you are.

this is a prepared, virtual frame for spending a shared time in a cafe/bar space. it explores patterns of narration, loops, consumption and dialogue and the human species.

There is the smell of animals. No, it’s just a lying body.

Were bars and restaurants and kitchens and tables invented for swallowing and speaking together? We explore scenographies of social interactions, their patterns of dialogue, consumption, animalism, our wishes for communication, escaping and creating fictions.

A daily situation in a cafe-bar space, sometimes jumping over its own boarders.

Devised and performed by: Theresa Schrezenmeir, Tinka Avramova, Ine Ubben, Maria Komarova, Israel López, Wayne Jordan, Alyssa Dillard, Emil Rothermel, Andrei Dabrakou, Danil Tcytkin, Iff Atanasova, Svetlana Spirina.
Production: Nadezda Nazarova
Mentors: Sodja Lotker, Brano Mazuch
Photo: Dona Dameska

Developed in the frame of the Master’s project of Theresa Schrezenmeir at study programme for Devised and Object Theatre at DAMU, Prague.

prague 2018
potrva bar, kafe damu, studio alta