555 bugs

In 555 bugs, Maria uses found objects and self build electro-acoustic instruments to create a landscape where elementary materials find new meanings in spontaneous connections between each other. They interact, move, resonate and produce tiny sounds: rustling, crunching, squeaking, cracking. Objects become something else, specific sonic creatures with their own qualities. The seeming primitivity and repetitiveness of the soundscape brings the listener into a world of menthol buzzers, one-eye sirens, lemon tadpoles, ginger tigers, plastic bugs and other insects. 

Maria performs with 555 bugs live and create site-specific installations, where objects resonate the space and the space resonate the objects.

She developed this project during her internship and research-residency in Overtoon, where she was working with an idea of linking disciplines of scenography and sound desing. There she started working with electronics and discovering its performative potential.

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Photos by Anna Baštýřová, Alfred ve dvoře, Prague, 07.2021

Photos by Svetlana Lopato, Performance Crossings, Prague, 07.2021

Photo by Mizuki Nakeshu, Brno, Terén, 06.2020

Presented at:

HearMe!, Litoměřice
IGLOO, OGV, Jihlava
Ji.hlava IDFF 2021, Jihlava
Stormopkomst, Neerpelt (inst)
Beyond Music, STUK, Leuven
Performensk, Minsk
Belarus — Screams of the Silenced, The Grey Space in the Middle (inst)
PIO, Alfred ve dvore, Prague
Oscillation, Q-O2, Brussels

Animated matter, Q-O2, Brussels
4+4 days in motion, Prague, (inst)
Plechy a neplechy, CED, Brno