kaine anung

experimental duo lead by Theresa Schrezenmeir Maria Komarova and, who started their collaboration in the field of devised theatre. they experiment with field recordings, prepared instruments, objects and specific sound qualities of different spaces. beside public performances kaine anung creates intimate concerts in kitchens, balconies, stairs and train stations, under the bridges and on escalators.


Flying Carpets

Let’s wrap some frequencies
of sound around us.
We want to share some ideas, experiments
and images about textures of sound.
Are there sounds which layer themselves
around you like a blanket?
Maybe like a too tight scarf…
Can we knit some songs,
just jump on the carpet of sound?

01.2019 Vašulka Kitchen, Brno, CZ
post-residency performance and artist talk.

the hare

Indust_musique éclectique, Punctum. Prague 29.03.2019


Soulkostel. Vernerovice. 12.18.
Site-specific sound performance in the deconsecrated church located in former Sudetenland — a unique cultural venue in the Czech-Polish borderland. Found objects, motors, field recordings
Photos: István Kovács