In Krɑjïnɑ I cocreate together with objects found on the coast of northern Portugal, field recordings and electronics. DC motors are often mal-functioning as audio drivers and the materials attached to them filter the sound depending on their physical quallities.

Some say, there are no places bet­ter than home. Others hope there are lands that were prom­ised or places exist­ing as gaps out of timespace, with­in the realms of the ordin­ary world. We may fall into them and find ourselves on a bound­ary between two nowheres, like on a coast without water and land lost among debris from both sides. There, things become forces and sounds become tales. There, arte­facts dance with land­forms and offer hints without mak­ing riddles. How do you feel about a waltz with a burnt piece of rock or a gentle hug with a bottleneck?

The project started in Sonoscopia, Porto, January 2023 and is currently under development.
Photos: Vicente Mateus